Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Weekend!!!

This is of no great value - no spiritual depth. I just have to share my simple joy. I love football. I don't spend nearly as much time watching it as I would like to, but I get my time in (I don't have cable so I miss out on lots of good stuff - and I don't do fantasy football - but I do love what I have time for).

This weekend, nearly every team I like won (and the major one I dislike, lost). It started on Thursday with the Colts decimating the Saints (Colts are my AFC team - actually - Peyton Manning is my AFC guy). Then on Friday, our very own Eagle Grove Eagles schooled Webster City. On Saturday, the Hawkeyes won and the UNI Panthers beat up on the Cyclones (I do cheer for them, except when they play the Hawks and the Panthers). On Sunday, my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings smoked the Falcons 24-3. The icing on the cake was the Chicago Bears losing. Such little things bring such great joy.

May I truly delight only in God!

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