Thursday, September 06, 2007

More cuteness from my kids

All my kids have their amazing cute moments. Jonathan is just the smiliest guy you will ever meet (he loves to wave and say Hi to everyone in stores). Benjamin, my oldest, is always amazing me.

Elise is almost 3 and is full of passion and has to talk like crazy (Lori's parent say Lori was that way - true story). She is always saying cute things. I recently blogged about how she thinks uncle Dan is amazing. The story continues.

After visiting the Omaha zoo over the weekend we were getting ready for bed. We had sung a few songs and were getting ready to pray. We were talking about the zoo and asked her what her favorite animals were that she saw. She said monkey and lion. Then mom asked her who made them. She said, "Uncle Dan." We said noooo - and so she said, "Aunt Elizabeth." It's bad theology, but it was so cute.

I love being a dad, usually (I'm on my second pair of shorts today - Jonathan's diaper was so nasty this morning that even with 2 of us working on him, I still got poop on my shorts).

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