Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Update on Olson Life - August 07, 2007

The biggest news in my life (and the life of my family) is that we had a FANTASTIC week of VACATION up in Wisconsin (Cumberland - the Island City). We rented a big house on a lake and my brother and his wife, my sister, my parents, my grandpa, and a cousin (and my family) spent a week there. We did mostly nothing - eat, sleep, play with kids, do puzzles, swim, sports, read books. Lori used to dread the thought of such a thing, but she loved it too. The biggest challenge was having young kids - especially Jonathan at 13 months - he is a handful - heavy, pretty fast, and into everything (and can reach higher and farther than you think). I am so thankful for a family that knows and loves Jesus.

One simple high light was that on the way up to the Twin Cities (we stayed in Lori's sisters house for a couple days on the way to Wisconsin) we stopped in Mankato for the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp (first day on the field). It was fun to watch practice along with Steve and Amber (I did their wedding a couple months ago). At the end of practice, each player was introduced and through an autographed ball into the stands. The short story is this - two balls were personally handed to Benjamin (these are full sized, autograph balls - half is normal leather, half is a smooth white surface for autographs).

We are back and in the midst of more craziness. We are doing VBS this week (fortunately I am only in charge of music - which allows me and my pastor a chance to play the Eagle Grove Open - that is - the two of us sneak off for an hour and play tennis - if it's not raining). We are doing a garage sale this weekend - and Lori's parents come back from Romania on Thursday.

School starts soon - Benjamin will be going to all day kindergarten. That's exciting and scary. It's hard for me - to realize I won't see him for lunch any more. Lori and I plan to take turns eating lunch with him now and then.

God is faithful, good, mighty, and jealous. He does not treat us as our sins deserve!!!


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad I'm able to keep up on your life. Praise God for inventing the man who invented the blog. Thanks also for the comment on mine - proof that someone actually reads it! Talk to you soon.


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

Hey Tim! I've missed seeing you this summmer, crazy schedules and everything. I look forward to a routine with school starting soon. Weird,I know. See ya.


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