Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Preaching Again - and Again

"I am a bad youth pastor." This is one of my favorite and true quotes. I say it at least once a week - and often not in jest.

I say it today because I came into the summer just hoping to get through our Mission's Trip to Rosebud (I did a wedding right before the trip) and then begin to worry about the rest of the summer. I think some preaching dates got changed on me. Anyway. I am preaching this Sunday and next Sunday (and both weeks I am getting no sermon stuff done on Monday or Tuesday).

I was sitting at the table this morning trying to figure out what to preach on (often I will use a text I spent a lot of time in while on our Mission's Trip) and made a comment that I had just recently read a blog about a list someone had made of 10 passages he's never heard a sermon on. Benjamin piped up and said, "I've never heard anyone preach about David and Goliath at our church." I got excited about that and I'm in here studying right now.

If you have any insights, thoughts, helps, etc... on this story, let me know. I Samuel 17 has the narrative for us (though I'm going back to 15 in context).


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