Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Minnesota Vikings - Undefeated, baby

Though the Minnesota Vikings are undefeated now, the forecast for the Vikings has never been as bleak as it is right now (as far as my young memory can go back). Fortunately, forecasters are often wrong. My brother is much more of an optimist than I am - and even he is not impressed.

My biggest fear is that maybe the owner actually hopes to move them (and so hopes to have them do poorly and is hoping the stadium deal won't go through). As long as the Vikes stay in town, they'll have a life-long fan in me. I'm no fairweather fan.

Since I have no control over it, I just plan to sit back, cheer as loudly as ever (at my TV - I've never been privileged to make it to a game), and enjoy the wins we get. You never know how a team might work out.

And if they do well this season, I sure hope all the negative people admit they were wrong.

I love the Vikes. Go Vikes!!!


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