Monday, April 23, 2007

God's Faithfulness - a shiled and bulwark

I have what I think is a rather unpopular view of the Old Testament. I didn't make it up (I learned it from Dr. John H. Walton while I was at Moody Bible Institute). With this view of the Old Testament, one of the key attributes of God that shouts out from the pages over and over again is God's covenant faithfulness (many different words translate it - and in vary by version - lovingkindess, mercy - Hebrew - Hesed). I love to think on the faithfulness of God and to sing about it (Great Is Thy Faithfulness is one of the greatest worship songs ever written). I came across part of a verse today in my time with Jesus - and I just love it.

"... His faithulness is a shield and bulwark." I've never thought about God's faithfulness as being a shield (or bulwark). I like how the following verses expand on that idea. It was a real blessing this morning.

FYI - if you ever want to talk about OT hermeneutics, I get passionate about that.


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