Thursday, February 15, 2007

Schools Vs. Parents

The problems young people have in life (home life, often) are huge detriments to learning. Schools have noticed these problems and tried to fix them. Well... they've tried to deal with the aftermath.
For instance - Teachers have noticed that some kids aren't getting enough to eat to start the day - so they have to feed them breakfast. They've noticed many such issues and tried to fix them. The problem with that mentality is that the root of many problems, the parents, are never worked on. In fact, I believe the school may actually be enabling parents to avoid parenting.
I hear much talk about all the things that sports teach - character, discipline, teamwork, etc... While that is nice, maybe it's a negative. Some who argue so strongly for school sports make it sound like teen-agers must have been without character 200 years ago when school sports didn't exist.It used to be that character, discipline, teamwork and the like were taught by parents. Now parents don't spend time on such matters - they've got the school to do this.
The school has become the parent (or the government has become the parent). That's a real dilemma.
It's time for parenting to be taken seriously. There may need to be serious consequences for not parenting. I guess I'm pretty Old-School.


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