Monday, February 05, 2007

Fantastic Superbowl.

I do so enjoy the NFL - and so the SuperBowl is a big deal for me. I don't go to parties anymore - because I want to be able to see the whole game, hear every commercial, and not have to be social. So I enjoyed watching the game at home. The Vikings are my team, but my AFC team has been the Colts for quite a while. I spent 4 years in Chicago and then 5 years outside of Chicago, listening to Chicago sports radio - I learned to like any team playing against the Bears. I do dislike the Bears.

What a joy to see the Colts thoroughly trounce the Bears. The Bears even had the weather on their side - and opened up spotting Rex a 7 point lead. But the mighty Colts played real ball and won the game handily.

The Bears 3 scores could easily not have happened. The first two were one hit wonders - the Big play - they count, but I so much more respect the team that can work the ball all over the field and eat up the clock and score. The field goal came after a squib kick and a 15 yard penalty for a late hit out of bounds. The Bears truly got a whupping.

I've been saying that though they are good, they have had a lot of lucky things happen to them and could have lost a bunch of the games they won. Sweet Justice (from my perspective). Since the Vikes couldn't make it, there wasn't anything much sweeter than the matchup and outcome we had.

Maybe the most important fact: The Minnesota Vikings are Undefeated!!!


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