Wednesday, March 07, 2007

District Conference Highlights

District Conference (Evangelical Free Church - Central District - in Des Moines at Valley Free Church) was very good this year. I really enjoyed all the speakers. I am going to put up some of my favorite quotes/thoughts from them. Know that my quotes may not be perfectly exact as I can't always write fast enough to perfectly get the quote.

Rick Cornish Quotes
- The greatest danger to spiritual growth is an excess of busyness. The demands on us are extraordinary... and they never end. We must simplify life.

- How can a person attend church for decades and know next to nothing about church history? (quoted from J. P. Morgan)

- The spirit is not given to make study unnecessary, but to make study effective (not sure which great christian said that)
- I must plan my time and arrange my day for the good of my soul"

Arlyn Abrams Talked About
- Why men hate the Church (from a book - check out the website here) - very fascinating
- Why the church plant he's working in is doing everything differently from how he's done it before - and he likes that. I'm going to pick his brain some time

Steve Farrar Quotes
- We've lost the doctrine of the providence of God
- The providence of God never comes early and it never comes late
- Job did not say - "The Lord gives and Satan takes away" - but the evangelical church says it
- All assignments are preparation (Eph 2:10)
- All we need to know in any assignment is that God is with us

Phil Calaway Quotes
- The world is on fast forward
- Laughter sure beats Prozac
- Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat
- Failure is succeeding at something that doesn't really matter
- Live life on purpose
- Live so the preacher won't have to lie at your funeral
- Poverty is hereditary - you get it from your children
- Heaven is a place where question marks will be come straightened into exclamation points
- Let your wind blow free where ere you may be, holding it in was the end of me


At 2:37 PM, Blogger Todd said...

Thanks for the update - Tim.

Maybe next year I'll go...

At 9:49 PM, Blogger B. Thomas said...


I like the way you write and think. Thanks for the conference summary!


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