Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Update

My family is alive and well. I just thought I'd try to update on anything going on in our life. My wife is up to her head in diapers and fussy kids. She doesn't have a lot of time for hobbies and fun. We keep telling ourselves we're in a "season" of life. She does love her kids (and even me). She even spends some of her free time on some high school girls.

Jonathan is about 10 months old now - and over 26 pounds. He army crawls instead of crawling - and has been doing that for months. He loves his siblings and loves to laugh. He wants real food - not baby food. He seems to be very persistent when he chooses.

Elise is a cutie. She isn't big into talking yet (almost 2.5 years old). She has her own sense of humor (giving a wrong answer when she knows the correct answer - like pointing to her knees when you ask her to show you her elbows). She loves to help with almost anything. She plays in the sandbox as much as possible and loves to "wing" (swing).

Benjamin is playing soccer (being coached by me). He scored 3 goals in the first game. He is tyring to learn to ride his bike. He loves every sport he's tried - and seems to excel. He is reading at an incredibly advanced rate for a 5 year old. He loves math and numbers and asks me math questions every day. He's a wonderful big brother to his siblings and someone we can trust and count on.

I could go on for hours. We're ever thankful for the faithfulness of God in our lives. We are looking forward to some great time with our extended family in the coming months. It's been crazy busy the last few months and that seems to be the coming trend.


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