Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Easy Week??

Last week was a week I've been looking forward to all summer long. My first (maybe only) "easy week" where nothing big was going to be happening. God had other plans. My wife started feeling a bit of pain in her stomach on Monday. Late Tuesday night - we went to the E.R. The short of it... Morphine once, the doctor's office, 3 times since then - and one more to come. She's had an ultrasound and is looking forward to an Upper GI (sp??). It's not ulcers. We're waiting. She's been sleeping on the couch for much of the nights (pain only at night, right now, if at all).

So - easy week is done.

We're on our way to Michigan - I'm helping officiate Corey's wedding.


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Thanks for praying. I do SO appreciate it.


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