Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Worship With Our Whole Being

What is worship - especially as it relates to singing as a group? What is the place of raised hands? of dancing? of bowing? of tears?

One of my favorite definitions of worship is from Archbishop William Temple "Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His holiness, nourishment of mind by His truth, purifying of imagination by His beauty, opening of the heart to His love, and submission of will to His purpose. When all these aspects are gathered up in adoration, we have the greatest expression of which we are capable."

I've been pondering the place of the 5 senses in worship. I've been thinking about how worship should be full of passion - and yet how we in our typical European background are a bit afraid of showing emotion.

Any thoughts on using the senses in worship? Or anything else? Is half-hearted worship really worship?


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