Monday, March 20, 2006

3 Statements

These are borrowed from Tony Campolo. I write this because I was reminded of it yesterday and because it's convicting.

1. Thousands and thousands of people on their way to hell die each day.
2. You don't give a damn about it.
3. You are more concerned that I said the word "damn" than you are for those people going to hell.

I was a part of a conversation where someone was kind of getting chewed out over a minor issue of method - an issue that couldn't even be agreed upon as to whether it was wrong or right. But the irony of it was that the purpose behind what had happened was huge - big - life changing. But the argument and energy all focused on a minor method issue.

I am so guilty too. I often get wrapped up in small details instead of being consumed with Christ.

How about you?


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