Monday, March 06, 2006

Update from the Central Districe Conference (EFCA)

We're (PJ and wife and me and my wife) at the Evangelical Free Church Central District Conference and enjoying it. It's a busy and long day, but good.

The day started off with a youth minstry thing. Toby Jones, of the emergent Church, spoke to us (had a "conversation" with us). He talked about postmodernism and it's view of truth - if you can say it has one. I do appreciate their humility on knowledge, their thirst for God and His Word (though unique), their desire for authenticity and holistic ministry, their emphasis on community, and just that they make me think. While I disagree with them in many ways and on many levels, I enjoyed the morning.

I walked in planning on saying nothing - no questions. I think that was foolish. I can't take that approach and leave it up to others to do. If God lays it on me, then I need to speak up (not profound, but important for me to think on).

The presentation of the revised Evangelical Free Church (EFCA) Statement of Faith (SOF) was basically a reading of the info posted on the web. I look forward to tomorrow morning when it is discussed in much greater detail and length. I pray mostly for great grace.

I still am against this full rewrite. Simply put from my foolish, ignorant, and simplistic point of view - some small things could be changed, God's Gospel is a bad choice, if you are amill and want to preach - join a different church, don't address hot-button issues in the SOF (or you'll rewrite it again soon - address them in other ways), and...

It's nice to be away from my kids for a couple days and with my wife. But I sure do miss them. Let me know you visited this blog.


At 2:58 PM, Blogger Sean Dennis said...

I visited your blog (I suppose that's rather obvious by now). Thanks for the update from your conference, I look forward to hearing what you have to say about your district's conference in its entirety.


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