Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Disturbing Numbers - Today's Youth Culture

U.S. High School Statistics On Behavior 2003

From the Center for Disease Control


11.5% of girls and 8.5% of boys attempted suicide

6% of teens have carried a weapon on school property

12% of girls have been forced to have sex

22% of teens smoke cigarettes currently

58% of teens have tried smoking

28% of teens report heavy alcohol drinking in the last month while 45% report drinking alcohol in the last month

22% of teens report using marijuana in the last month

12% of guys and 7% of girls tried marijuana before they were 13

15% of high school teens have had 4 sexual partners

Only 63% of teens use condoms during sex

About 1/12 high school senior girls have been pregnant

These are numbers I copied off their survey - and I could have made a mistake in copying (that's my excuse if I got anything wrong).

I don't have lots of great deep thoughts. I'm just saddened by what's going on in our world. The Church needs to be a real light. We have hope. We have the answer. Let's get it out there.

High school is such a rough place. So is Junior High. People are brutal. I guess it's not too surprising with all that's going on.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger andyalbers said...

thats just plain scary


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