Sunday, February 12, 2006

Worship Seminar

I just got back from a Worship Seminar at Hidden Acres (Dayton, IA). I only went for one day - but they started the night before. I really enjoyed it. There are always things to improve on - but that isn't my point.

Probably the biggest practical thing I walked away with is that I am going to use a metronome or click track in all my practices from now on (my students will hate me). I need to do it for me and for them. I think I may find some metronome loops that are downloadable and burn them to CD - and give them to students to practice with. It's that important (for the groove - as one teacher said).

I also met at least one more worship leader I can ask questions of. That excites me.

I do sometimes wonder how God will use these very simple gifts of mine (guitar and music stuff) in the future. Will they play a larger role in my life or not? I certainly love guitar.

I think I'm going to start a Worship blog. I bet lots of people would eventually find it and comment on it.

For all of you not reading this blog, thank yourself. You have saved minutes of your time.


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