Thursday, October 13, 2005

Great Youth Groups and Such

I always come home from youth group awake - pumped. Usually it's good. Last night I came home so pumped about youth group and students. I'd say at least half of our students are trying to have daily devotions - and even succeeding. I keep being surprised by some that are. I saw Junior High students praying and senior high students digging into God's Word. I am so pumped.

My seminary stuff came. I think this class will be much easier than last class. It's the prophets (Isaiah to Malachi) - which you would think woudl be hard, but I don't think it will be. I need to get ahead on it. That's for sure.

I also need to be reading good stuff on my own. I've let excuses get in the way. There are so many. What is my problem. Laziness. I think I love being lazy.

I think that we are so easily hardened by television / movies. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. When we watch them, we want the bad guys to get caught and are thrilled when they do. Then, in real life, as we watch the news or hear about something, we want the bad guys caught and taught a lesson. This is all fine and well, but we forget that they are people. This guy in Eagle Grove that holed up in his house for a couple days while the police waited to arrest him... Some students said we just need to go in there and shoot him. Understandable, but so not the response a Christian should have.

Television's and Movie's huge problems are the subtle ones (violence, especially, is rarely a problem in anyone's mind). I need to be very careful and discerning.


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