Thursday, April 21, 2005

Being Tired - and Spiritual stuff

Wednesdays are always my biggest days as far as work goes - and being busy. Men's Bible study starts at 6:00 and I'm at the office at 7:00. I have 2 youth groups at night and don't get home until around 11:00 (though I am usually home for an hour at lunch and an hour or maybe 2 at supper). Thursday mornings are tough. I don't think it's only that fact that Wednesday is busy and I haven't gotten all the beauty sleep I wanted. I really believe there is a spiritual exhaustion (or tiredness) that comes. So much is given out on Wednesday - and there is usually a spiritual high or low - either way - it seems to lead to exhaustion.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this. What is your response to it?

I am thinking about changing my time with God in a big way on Thursdays - maybe a lot more artistic - praise - maybe more singing and thanksgiving and prayer. I don't know. Maybe I just need to work harder.

I know our youth are far from perfect and many don't have much of a devotional life. Yet, I see God working in ways I don't think I would have imagined a year ago. I'm amazed at how He is working. It's little things - lots of them. So many students are noticing God's presence around them. I get excited about that!!!

Verse for the day. Loosely Quoting Samson - Don't plow with my heifer (Judges 14:18) - and honey - I'm not calling you a cow - it was just funny to me (I always write down anything in the Bible that I find to be funny - like numbers 12:3)


At 1:26 PM, Blogger Matt Proctor said...

Wow, Tim. Between yesterday and today's thoughts, I'd never sleep if I were you. I spend the majority of my day thinking about food, sleep, and books. You have a heart for God that amazes me. I love you brother. And the reason I think Mark's book is so short is answered in Mark 1:1. His tale is the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I hear the word gospel, it's more than the "good news" of salvation. It's about life change, renewal, etc. Most of Mark is about the things Jesus did, revealing the kingdom of God had come and that His kingdom would continue . . . against all opposing forces. We are invited to be a part of the gospel and the kingdom of Jesus Christ. All side notes are left out in Mark's story so that we too do not get distracted from the work of the gospel.


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