Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What will become of this?

There is almost a sense of importance in my mind as I write on here. I feel like I'm publishing something - which I kind of am - but - it's not like anyone has to or ever will read it. It truly doesn't make me important or special to blog, and yet, I am tricked into thinking it is so.

In Neil Postman's book, Amusing Ourselves To Death, he talks about how the medium is the message. Simply put - certain medium's of communication have certain bits of information they most easily communicate - and over time - what is easiest to communicate will become what is found to be important. For instance - smoke signals - they were never used to debate philosophy or theology. Television is made for entertainment (other things can be done, but ultimately, it all ends up being about entertainment).

SO - what does a blog do? I don't know. I lack answers. I'm most fascinated by them and have wanted to write one for quite a while. How do blogs affect relationships? Are we more honest because we feel a bit safe? They are definitely shaping politics and culture. How will they shape youth ministry.

By the way - I'm hoping to get our youth website up and running soon. I'm excited about it. I want it to be worthwhile and used. If you have ideas, let me know.

I have been pondering Mark 6 today (I guess in blogs we just ramble - and it doesn't matter if it connects at all - hmmmm). I've read it so many times - but it makes so much more sense today. From the disciples being sent out to do ministry - to John the Baptist beheaded - to Jesus telling the disciples that they should go rest now that they've all come back from ministering, to not getting any rest - to feeding the 5000 - to Jesus going alone to pray while the disciples are in the boat - to their hard hearts having learned nothing from the feeding of the 5000. The flow of the context is interesting. That I might become more like Christ - wow!! Amazing.

I would LOVE to hear from all y'all - or at least some of you.

This fascinates me!!!


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Matty P said...


It's an exciting world this blogging thing. It's fun to "puke up" thoughts onto the scree. And even more fun to have others respond. I hope you continue to express and ramble. Your head and your life is valuable to me and to many others. When someone speaks or enters into your life, a response is necessary. Sometimes the response is silence, sometimes it's inquisitive questions, and sometimes it's an apt reply. But when we refuse to express or enter into the lives of others, we are never really changed.

Let us be changed for the glory of Him who has called us from darkness into his glorious light

At 4:52 PM, Blogger morgan said...

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At 4:56 PM, Blogger morgan said...

When someone walks into your life one day and changes it for the better then they remains friends forever. Two have done this for me. Tom who brought me to the Lord and, you, Tim who continues to strengthen me with your own example and walk. I congratulate you on your blogg and hope that you get your kids involved too. Set them a question to be answered prior to your youth group then project their responses on the big screen, it'll be a blast.
Look forward to its development


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