Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday & Preaching

I'm always excited to preach. It's a joy to study. I like the logic. I'm not always pleased with my presentation. I'm more and more convinced that logic is a passing way of life. I try to be very logical and it's clear that people don't follow that - even with the outline right in front of them. We live in a soundbite culture - and people pick out the soundbites they want. It's scary.

I was very excited about this upcoming sermon - on Mark 6 - and the feeding of the 5000. I'm still excited, but as I work on it, it seems to lose its punch. I don't know why. Prayer. I need to really pray. Maybe it's tough cause it's Monday. I don't know.

Next week I'm preaching again - and my Pastor said I should do a sermon for the seniors. I'm thinking about that. Any advice? Any deep thoughts? What do you wish you would have known? What do you tell seniors heading off to college?


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