Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday - early

God's provision for my life is amazing. I am making less money than I ever have (in light of having 2 kids) and God has provided more little and big gifts to me. My wife takes care of all the bills (I make the money and she spends it) so I see our financial situation less and worry about it less (I really don't worry - I'm stupid that way). It's been amazing how a little here, a lot there, and a small thing here have been given to us. What a year.

Today we head to Des Moines to pick up a free trailer (enclosed, pull-behind - for our Church) from Pastor John's old Church. This is saving us a bunch of money on our mission's trip. I still don't know exactly how God will provide us with transportation for the trip, but he'll have to.

There is a reasonable chance (human terms) that we'll end up as missionaries some day. I think this time in Eagle Grove is a time of learning to trust God for everything as well as being close to family for a time.

I realize I have only focused on the financial end of things here. God has provided so much more than just this.

How have you seen God providing for your needs?


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