Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Progressive Dialog? Wednesday's jumble

Progresssive Dialog - Bible Study - Small Groups - Life - they all can be very similar - basically the same thing. Not that I get exactly what a progressive dialog is. I'd love good answers on that one. I get to preach 2 weeks in a row coming up soon. I want to preach on Mark 6 - with tidbits from Mark 5 and 8. I'd love for it to be a progressive dialog - as far as I understand it. I kind of teach that way in general, but I probably force it too much where I want it to go. I'm rambling because that's how my mind is today.

I met with one of my two guys this morning (and my intern) - for our weekly accountability - share time. We kind of had a dialog going - interacting with each other and with different texts and with how God is working in us. It was a sweet time together with the Lord.

I mentioned our men's morning Bible Study - and how it seems that, more and more, we are interacting with the text outside of the given questions. We did that again this morning - and it was very encouraging. I've always said that I get more pleasure out of true (interactive) Bible Study and fellowship (the real deal) than anything else.

I don't know what my questions are or where they are taking me.

I keep thinking about some things Doug Paggit said - how students aren't really an integral part of the Church community - and how that leads to understanding how over 70% of students don't go to Church anymore once they leave youth group. That is staggering. If Jared doesn't come to church for 3 weeks, it doesn't affect our church. I hope it would affect our youth group.

I understand that no local church body is perfect and every setting has issues. I am a big believer in doctrinal truth and logic and such. I think there are serious dangers in some of what is going on in the emergent Church. Yet, I know there is much to be grasped - much to think about.

Again - back to the Sermon - there is the issue of dialoging with it. Also, I am just trying to grasp Mark 6 and also part of 8. I am so blind. Lord, open my eyes.


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