Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tuesday - Graduation - hmmm - and Preaching

It's been a week. I let things get in the way of this - which isn't a big deal - unless someone out there is just dying to read this.

Praise the Lord for his grace. Preaching went well (no progressive dialogue) - and even if it hadn't, he would still be the good God, worthy of all praise. I know God used the sermon in my heart - which is an amazing thing by itself. I believe He spoke to others as well.

I'm preaching again this week. My pastor told me to preach to the graduates. I plan to do exegetical proof texting along with some basic, a-biblical stuff (nothing that important happens after midnight as a general rule). I may use Ps 103 as a passage with great stuff for them - maybe my special verses for them.

What do you think graduating seniors need to hear? Please respond.


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