Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year Almost Here

I hate those title things. They mean little to me - even in preaching. I've promised to make my text the main title and my title in smaller print.

Speaking of preaching - it went well both of the last two times (from my point of view) - Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am definitely getting better at it (human point of view). I like it as much as ever. It's hard to keep it short enough - but I do work hard at it. I know we have to preach the whole text, but peoples' minds can only handle so much - and that's only if they really want to. I still have tons of questions about preaching - especially to the sound-bite audiences of today. Just glad it went reasonably well.

We're playing for New Year's Eve again up at Crossroads in Goldfield. The downer is that I don't get to be with my wife. It is fun. This year, it's also absolutly unorganized - to the point that we may not (probably not) have a sound system. We were going to do one kickin song and also another pretty upbeat song - can't do those accoustically unplugged. Still, should be good.

IMPACT is coming up soon - and I am SO pumped. It should be great. I have plenty to do to get ready, but that's not bad. Lots of little details still need some love - but God will work it out. I pray no one else has to cancel due to unforseen changes of schedule.

I should probably have a question I always ask. Sorry.

I'm kind of enjoying parts of my Isaiah-Malachi class. I learned a bit about Isaiah tonight that I didn't know before. The Covenant part of my profs theology I disagree with, but he's pretty good. I have one month to finish it - and I'm kind of half way done. I gotta work hard.

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At 6:59 PM, Anonymous dena b-ski said...

tim! this is pretty neat. i like the way you write. i can hear you talking in my head!


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