Tuesday, January 03, 2006

IMPACT Conference and more

I am so excited for IMPACT. I feel like we are better poised than ever for it (now that is obviously from my simple and skewed human point of view). I don't have lots of old and mature guys, but I have some good guys and good girls - just a bunch of people who want to know Jesus better. More than usual. And we have some unsaved friends coming. It's exciting. Also, we've done more praying as a group than in the past - lots more - so we'll see what happens. Who knows what God might do??? It's exciting.
We also get to do some ministry while there - Good Samaritan Urban Ministry.

I'm having graduated youth people come back to youth group tomorrow night. Don't know who will really show up, but I'm excited for it. I think I'll make it a yearly thing. Hopefully they can be encouraged spiritually and be an encouragement.

Benjamin is cute and so is Elise. We all do a lot of laughing together. And Elise is quite the walker right now. Wow - it's fun. And in 6 months we start over with another one - God willing. Scary.

I am already behind on Bible reading this year. Haven't made it the priority on my day off and then as back into work. That's a confession. Has to change - now -not tomorrow.

Have you read God's word today? Have you passionately pursued Him? It's not only me who has to think about these things - and it's good I asked a question, too.



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