Monday, February 13, 2006

This is a scary world

I've just been reading email (and also talking online and on phone) from some friends - mostly students. I really sense a degree of worry and uncertainness. Certainly we don't know the future. But we know who holds the future. Still, it's hard to trust that when things look dark. I'm not sure I have nice simple answers for them - and I'm not sure they want answers. Hopefully some of it is just the Winter Blues. If I really knew how all my students felt, wow - I'm sure I would give in. I like to think I'm making a difference. I'm sure God is using me in some lives. But there's a lot of pain out there.

Becoming like Jesus is a painful and painfully slow process. There are a lot of things that (we let) hinder us. I need to pray more. Stop typing and pray. Yeah.

What will God do today?


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