Monday, February 27, 2006

Great Weekend - Olson Update - nothing deep

What a great weekend. It started off with Triple Espresso in the Twin Cities with a bunch of youth pastor friends (youth pastor and wives retreat). The ride up with youth pastors and wives was fantastic. The meal out together was fun and then the show was incredible. They are worth the $35 or so. Originally written by Christians and the craziest, funniest, clean comedy show you could ever see. Worth it. They are in the Twin Cities and somwhere out west. Check them out:

Before we left, I had one of those - wow - I love being a dad and have an incredible son - moments. The short of it - Benjamin, the awesome drummer, played drums for 3 youth pastor couples (I accompanied him on the guitar - I think we played God of Wonders or You Are So Good To Me). He did so well. He's going to be good. We're going to rig up some sort of pedal system so he has a bass kick going. It was cool. And I'd love him to death even if he couldn't play drums.

Can I say again - what a joy to talk to other youth pastors (just being with believers and having good conversations is great). Great weekend. And Lori and I had a good time together too.

Oh yeah. I went to a guitar shop quickly with Josh (we weren't in it long, but he didn't know how to find it so it was actually a rather long trip for the distance covered) and played a couple incredible guitars. This shop had guitars priced from $1000 (I think some were that cheap) up to over $10000, I believe. I played a $4000 guitar - and wow - I was hooked. It's amazing how great a guitar can sound.

We got to lead worship yesterday morning in church. I really enjoyed it. I usually do, but maybe enjoyed yesterday more than usual. It's amazing what we can do with the little talent we have.

Last night was the Third Day and David Crowder Band concert in Ames. It was a great concert. I didn't know the stuff Crowder did - he didn't do much old stuff. He was rockin', though. I like his stage presence and his humor. Third Day was a blast. They started with new stuff I didn't know - but then did tons I did - God of wonders, Always loved you, You are so good to me, Consuming fire, King of glory, Blessed Assurance (cool version). A highlight was talking to some students on the trip (I'm getting old to be enjoying the conversation more than the concert). It was encouraging spiritually for all of us that went on the trip.

God provides in many wonderful ways. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills - both the cattle of the saved and unsaved.

Mac from Third Day shared about his 6 year old daugher recently asking Jesus into her heart and his skepticism. He said - I'm not sure if she fully understands. Then he said that God then spoke to him (not audibly) and said - Mac - you don't fully understand. Simple and profound.

Thanks God for a great weekend. And my wife still loves me after keeping her so busy. Praise the Lord! Even if the weekend had been horrible - Praise The Lord.

Soli Deo Gloria

Tuesday, 8 days - Caedmon's Call concert (my favorite band!!!). Yes!!!!!!!


At 7:26 AM, Blogger andyalbers said...

Hey Tim
can I get a ticket to cadmens call?
I would love to go.
or are just you and your wife going?
If so then thats fine.

At 11:30 AM, Blogger Matt Proctor said...

Tim, i love the quote about not totally understanding our salvation. I think the mystical reality (funny combo of words, I think that's called an oxymoron) of our salvation needs to stay mystical. Understanding it can often lessen the profound reality of Christ in me, me in Christ.


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