Monday, February 20, 2006

Just meandering thoughts

Monday. A new week (though Sunday starts it, but I guess with my job, I feel that Sunday ends it). I'm still excited to be doing this job (though tired - stayed up too late).

I'm enjoying the Olympics. Snowboarding Cross is the best - by far. So much fun. And no, it's not at all like Nascar. They actually turn left AND right. It almost makes me want to learn to snowboard - then I realize that as fat and old as my body is, it still works - basically. I think I'll keep it that way.

I don't push myself mentally nearly enough. Not even close. It's pathetic. I need to get on the stick. My excuse is being busy and tired - but that's stupid. People say that I am so busy, but I have plenty of time. It's all about priorities - and sloth. I've got to push myself mentally. Doing homework isn't enough.

The more I think and read of emergent stuff, the more I'm convinced I'd be best served by sticking with the classics. This is pretty simple.

I am really enjoying the Home Bible Fellowship I'm leading. We are studying 1 John. This time - no study guides, no cute questions, no curriculum, no verses we just have to get through. I'm learning, I think others are. I just love to be with other believers and dig into God's Word. We picked 1 John as a group - which was a good choice - especially since it's a book I don't know that well - and one that many of my friends know well and love. I really love it when you read verses that don't fully make sense to you (or haven't), and then as you study them in context and put things together as a group, you get the big picture and it makes sense of other verses. Thank you God for HBFs.

My son prays the neatest prayers. This morning he prayed for Elise, that she would come to know Jesus some day - and then prayed that he himself would come to know Jesus some day. Precious.


At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Tracey said...

Hi exciting to hear that Benjamin is praying those prayers. When I was his age, I just recited the Lord's Prayer...never really understood what it meant for years.

You're not the only one finding problems pushing yourself. I struggle lately in the devotion area. I need maybe to set goals for myself.

Anyhoo, I was just reading your thoughts. Talk to you soon...this weeks color is orange.


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