Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Heart Is Full

My heart and mind are full after a very unique District Conference. The conference itself was not overly wonderful for me. I enjoyed the pastor (saw parts of James 1 in a new light - it's one of those passages I had to memorize at camp and have always loved - but there were parts he really opened up well). The debate over the SOF was gracious enough. I'm still against the big revision, especially the amill stuff (more some later time).

Time with my wife was wonderful. We had some good time together - and one of the highlights was the ride home. I so enjoyed my time with friends. I am blessed to have the youth pastor network we have here. God is sharpening me with those friends - and others.

Tony Jones, the spokesperson for the Emergent Church, talked to the youth pastors Monday morning for 3 hours. For an overview of what was said, check out Matt's blog ( I'm going to respond to what I thought was heretical some time (Matt wasn't heretical, Tony was - and that's my opinion). I did appreciate the humility, love for God, and the way he made me think. Here is a kind of quote (not perfectly quoted, but basic idea is right) "A disciple is someone who follows Christ, not just someone who merely gives mental ascent to certain doctrines." It reminds me of my blog on ROSEBUD AND THE FACE OF JESUS. One of the great tests of whether or not one knows Jesus is found in how we treat the "least of these". I'm thankful for what was said - though I wouldn't have recommended him coming and still don't. I have many, many objections. I'll get to those sometime too. I am going to write him and thank him for sharing.

The Caedmon's Call concert was great (only negative was too many other artists). I love Caedmon's theology, humility, accoustic guitar, and heart. They are my favorite - and that was made more true last night. There are many bands I don't want to see in concert because I'm afraid I'll be greatly disappointed. I just got Caedmon's CD for free (worship leaders can at their site). I love it.

At the concert they promoted Compassion International - more than I've ever seen it promoted. I have a strong desire to adopt some day. I think adopting a compassion child may be a step in that direction. Right now we don't think we have the funds so we're going to join my brother by praying for his compassion child (this will be a family project).

Speaking of adoption, Benjamin was adopted by God on Sunday. It's an amazing thing (I'll have to write about it on here soon). As I was thinking about adopting these compassion children, I couldn't help but think - what if that was Benjamin? And then I began to think about the fact that God has adopted me - and adopted Benjamin. What an amazing thought. I can't get over it. I cried a lot last night. I thought a lot about God's grace and goodness and mercy and was just overwhelmed.

I haven't adequately put down my thoughts. Anyway - these are some of what has been going on in my life and mind lately.


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