Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Busy Life

It's been crazy lately and I've been pretty consumed. We're really looking hard for a mini-van. I thought we had one last night, but I bid a couple seconds too late. My dial-up must have affected my timing. God is sovereign. I need to make sure I'm not in a hurry. My father-in-law and pastor are emailing me all sorts of links to vehicles. We want a toyota sienna - reliabilty (or possibly a Honda Odyssey).

The marriage conference at our church is wonderful. Pastor Terry Baxter is doing a great job. He is so easy to listen to. I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rosebud - the initial deposit and forms are due today. I'm excited, but a bit worried. I shouldn't be. I know God is in control. It just seems that so many people are too busy. I need to trust God to work in whoever He wants to work in.

We were able to use our bed and breakfast gift from the church (over a year ago - it was given) last weekend. It was so nice - and we were the only ones there. Thank God for a great weekend.

That's a simple update. I'm excited for our first Rosebud Meeting tonight!


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