Friday, April 21, 2006

CPR - Saving Lives

Why does Missions exist? - Because Worship doesn't. As you and I try to share our faith it's important to realize that there is more to sharing the good news than simply saying "turn or burn".

CPR - Cultivating Relationships, Planting Seeds of Truth, Reaping a harvest. This is one method of understanding parts of sharing the Gospel. One of the challenges is to be purposeful. We are to be purposeful in life and this is very clear in sharing the Gospel. I think it's helpful to think through key friends and where they are on the CPR path - and which part of it needs to purposefully be emphasized.

The motivation to share the Gospel should come out of white-hot enjoyment of God. We need to be focused on Knowing Him and letting that drive us to be consumed with him - unable to talk about anything else - just like Prom this weekend. It's pretty consuming for many. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty - that's God's job.

So how are you doing in your own personal CPR? How are we doing as a group? Where do we need the most work? Any thoughts?


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