Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Authentic Leadership

I just got back from part of 2 days at our annual youth pastor mentoring retreat (Held at Hidden Acres). Dan Webster was our speaker (head of authentic leadership, Inc) and previously the youth pastor at Willow Creek when it was its biggest.

I had a few reservations about him. I kind of expected a bunch of strategy stuff and how to be more like Willow Creek. Thankfully, he did not of that.

He simply talked about authentic leadership - and really focused on the importance of one's character. It was a bit brutal; very challenging; too much info; wow. I left more challenged than ever to be a man of character - to deal with issues that must be dealt with; to press on all the harder to reach the mark that we are aiming for.

He talked about how so much of leadership stuff today is about externals - competency - skills - what you are good at - rather on the heart stuff.

I don't have all the incredible thoughts on me. Wish I could challenge you with them here - maybe another time.

The other great thing about these two days was time with dear brothers in Christ. Thank God for those guys (you know who you are).

One simple leadership thought. Parable of the Seed and the Sower. 75% of the seed bore NO fruit. Wow. So hopefully 1 in 4 students might do well. Or something like that. I can't be overly depressed by lack of fruit.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger cmwright1000 said...

Character! So true! Thats all I have to say...if your bored send me some more in depth stuff.


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