Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Progressive Dinner and Christmas

My junior high students are a blast. A few of them helped me plan an event - we talked about purpose and had that drive our event. It worked out well. Thank you to you guys and gals who helped plan and also to those who provided food. Overall it was a success.

Here are the basics for those who weren't there. We went to five different houses for different parts of the meal. We rode in 3 different vehicles. We switched passengers (randomly) at each place so people had to get to know others better. After eating (should mention we aimed for formal dress) we went Christmas Caroling. It was a huge hit - so good that one girl peed her pants (the true sign of success by any youth pastor's measure). We ended with a white elephant gift exchange (and fortunately for that girl - someone got diapers).

Tell me what you thought of the event. What was your favorite part? What would you do differently?


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