Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prayer Requests from RFIS

I just received some answers to questions that I had for those in charge of the retreat I am speaking at. I wanted to pass on some prayer requests to those who will pray.

Here are there Requests:

- a few weeks before we left for Christmas break we discovered that the stoves and refrigerators at the center where we will be holding Retreat are in disrepair and will not be adequate for our needs. So, the person in charge of meals is working on finding other ways of keeping us all fed. Please pray that people in the community step up to help her with this, and that the arrangements that need to be made can come together and go smoothly, as the quality of the meals is a major factor in determining how well kids feel Retreat goes.

- please pray that I would be on top of things and would not forget any major (or minor) details as we continue our planning for the Retreat. (Kevin is his name)

- pray that God would be working in the hearts of the kids, preparing them for the message that He has for them during Retreat. Also pray that God would move powerfully in the lives of the students during the week of Retreat, and that the changes He works in their lives would continue well beyond that week.

They don't have a theme yet - and I am chompin on the bit - wish I knew what to be preparing for. Pray that this information is figured out soon so I can get to work.

I need to ammend the previous update on money - we have received $1920 so far. What a crazy amount. I keep praying - God - don't let this generous giving go to waste.

Pray BIG, please. Be specific.


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