Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Praises and Prayer

I want to give God praise for all He has done for this trip and give an update on prayer.

Praise God for only spending $10 on medicines (seems impossible, but it's true) for the trip. Praise God for getting tickets at a reasonable price and having those details worked out. Praise God that for our layover in Zurich, an old friend (Alex M) is able to come spend time with us. Praise God for people beginning to commit to praying as well as more people planning to help support us on this trip.

My simple top prayer request right now is that our Visas will get back to us in a timely manner. I sent out a letter (which I may post on here) asking for prayer in which I said - "It would be a tragedy for us to take this trip in my own strength and without the prayer backing of godly friends who love me." So I really want to find people who will commit to praying for us each day while we are there. Please pray for God to accomplish great things - and that I will at least sense this, even if I can't see all that He is doing.

I am sure you can figure out many more things to pray for.


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