Thursday, December 22, 2011

Missions Trip To Cameroon, Africa

I have been invited to speak at the Rain Forest International School in Cameroon, Africa. It's a school run by Christians that primarily serves missionaries, but does have quite a few students who are not MKs. The High School students go on a Spiritual Retreat each February where they spend 4 days away from the School being taught, discussing spiritual things, and also having a lot of fun together.

All my Aunts and Uncles are serving in Cameroon as missionaries and one of them is on the committee that works on this retreat. When I was first asked to speak at the retreat I told my Aunt that there was no way I could spend the kind of money it would cost on the retreat. She responded by asking if I was unwilling to ask for support. So we prayed about it and believe God is calling me to do this.

We also began to ponder the opportunity to take Benjamin along with me. He is incredibly well behaved, gets along well with people of all ages, and can easily entertain himself. This seems like a once in a life time opportunity for him - and so we are planning to bring him along.

One of the huge challenges is to raise the money for the trip. We also want to find some people to commit to praying for us each day while we are there.


At 2:10 AM, Blogger morgan said...

Prayers from this side of the world shooting up to Heaven, for a proud father and his son. For your funding, health, preparation, journey, ministry, safe return. If you end up with a few hours transfer time in a German airport let me know and we could meet up.
In the meantime
Many blessings and lots of love to you both.


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