Monday, March 15, 2010

"Life Is Not Fair" and Apologetics

I think one of the greatest arguments for the existence of God is the sense of fairness (or unfairness) in each one of us. We have an inborn desire for justice. This clear to anyone who has kids. "It's not fair" is a very popular refrain in my house. If we are just random atoms, where does this strong desire come from? I believe everyone in the world feels this pull. And we feel it in so many realms... legally, financially, giftedness, physical appearance, ... Ironically, we are so self-centered that our desire for fairness is highly skewed. Many Americans complain about poverty. What??? It's often been said that the poorest in America are richer than most of the world. This is more true than we know. I think this perverted view of fairness we have is most damning when it comes to issues of sin and salvation. So many people don't think they need Jesus because they compare themselves to "worse sinners". Thankfully, it's not our jobs to figure out fairness - and in the end - only God knows our hearts and His justice is holy and perfect.

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