Thursday, December 22, 2011

Money for the Missions Trip

I thought I'd put up our most recent extended family pic.

How much will the trip cost? I don't know for sure. Shots, pills, passports, and visas are at about $1500. I believe the tickets will be $1500 + each. That gets us up to $4500. Other costs should be minimal... I hope.

Do you expect to raise it all? While that would be amazing, I believe we will be spending some of our own money on this trip.

If you want to give: Make a check out to "Grace E. Free Church" and designate it to "Cameroon Missions Trip". You can send it to me or to the Church. Both addresses are - Eagle Grove, IA 50533. Mine is 1101 W Broadway. The Church's is 1220 S. Commercial Avenue St.

To date, we've been given $800 towards the trip - which seems enormous.

It's easy to worry about the money, but I have yet to see God make a mistake.

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