Monday, January 09, 2012

More Praise, Prayer and Money

BIG PRAISE - the Travel Document agency I am using to get my Visa let me know that they should have it back on the 12th. This is great and is the last major known logistical pre-trip hurdle for us. I am sure there will be some more, but this was the last piece of the puzzle that I know about.

I've had a couple more people say they will pray for me - which is wonderful. I fear that many people mean to pray for me but haven't told me... and I don't have to know the names of everyone praying. But I also think many will easily forget - and if I have their names, we can contact them and remind them. So if you plan to pray for me, I'd really love to know.

I was really humbled this weekend. I was at IMPACT - a senior high conference put on the by the E. Free Central District Youth Pastors. I ran into a wonderful Senior Pastor friend who was there with his students for the weekend. He shared with me that He will be praying for us and that his family was going to support us. They gave us our biggest gift yet. I was blown away and feel very inadequate. It pushes me to pray more for God to do great things and to really desire many more prayer warriors.

As far as money goes, with pledged money and money that has come in since my last update, we are now at $1700 - which is amazing.

I am trying to figure out what kinds of little gifts and such I can bring on the trip. I also often "bribe" students I'm teaching with candy - anyone know if chocolate candy travels well in an airplane?


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oreo cookies won't melt, or tootsie rolls

ask uncle dave what he does to get m&ms to cameroon :)

starburst candy is an option, too


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Thanks for commenting, REJ :)


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