Friday, February 10, 2012

The Retreat Is Done - Give Praise to God!!!

The retreat is over and it was amazing! I believe God did great things. I could share about it all for hours. To summarize – I got to know over 50 people’s names (and every time I learned a name I had a conversation). I was very well received by students and was impressed by their attentiveness, questions, and hearts (from one on one conversations, to sitting in on a variety of small groups, to table conversation, to a time of sharing we had). On the last morning I led worship (I taught some new songs) and then there was a long time of sharing. It was amazing. Let me share a few highlights of that.

· I am scared to go back to England – and I don’t want to leave. I have to know that God is with me or I won’t talk to anyone. I need to find my identity in Christ.

· Before I came to this retreat – worship was a really shallow thing. I just did it to please God. But now I realize it’s something that I am supposed to enjoy and God too.

· I feel like I don’t live up to the standards others put on me. Now I don’t want to let any stickers stick – only what God says matters (stickers is a reference to something I read about identity in Christ).

· (Cameroonian said this – a huge answer to prayer) I came here just to mess around – I’m not really into God – I wasn’t really like you guys – into God and loving God. It really got to me – it pushed me to taking my first step into loving God –

Benjamin has been doing great and is enjoying Cameroon. Today was the first day he didn’t feel great. Tomorrow we hope to get to a village which would be great. We hope to find more ministry to do while here – and have a little fun.

Please praise God with us and pray:

- For God to bring people to minister to and ministry opportunities.

- For health and safety – especially for Benjamin now

- For the students at RFIS as I am sure there will be many ways they will be tempted in the coming days.


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