Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Last Prayer Update Before Leaving the U.S.

We board the plane in Minneapolis Thursday morning. We fly to New Jersey and spend about 6 hours there. Then a 3 hour stop in Brussels before arriving in Yaounde. While there are many, many things you could pray for, let me give you 3 key ones on my heart now.

1) For travel mercies in every way. It would be great to have opportunities to share God's love with many around us as we travel.
2) For wisdom and the Spirit's guiding as I put the finishing touches on the messages I'll be sharing.
3) For my wife and family - for peace, safety, joy, and unity while we are gone. These will be some long days and nights for Lori. Thankfully her parents will be around for a good bit of the week.

I speak once on Monday and twice on Tuesday and Wednesday. My theme is "From the Inside Out." I'll be staying with my aunt and uncle (Phil and Suzanne Falconer). We are hoping to be able to minister in ways beyond the retreat - we'll see what God brings about.

On the way back we will be stopping in Zurich overnight and a good friend from my days at Moody Bible Institute will be meeting us.

I'll do my utmost to get things posted on here often.


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