Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Update - old stuff

I wasn't able to access my blog until now - so here is some old stuff I sent out that got to eail but not blog ... 2 different days

Oldest first

We are in Africa (Yaounde, Cameroon). We arrived safely – met all our planes in plenty of time. The flights were less than half full.

A few highlights – praise God with me

- Eating home-made pizza our first night here with some missinoary families

- Sleeping – 11 hours – last night

- Being with family – we are staying with my Uncle Phil and Aunt Suzanne Falconer – anyone that knows them knows that they are superb hosts – over the top

- Seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting Africa again – and with Benjamin

- Benjamin is doing great after sleep – I think tomorrow we’ll both be feeling closer to normal

While I could share a ton of prayer requests, let me just give a couple – so you can focus on it. Pray big!!!


  1. - For the retreat – for me as I put the finishing touches on stuff and for God to be working (just overheard a student tell a friend that he doesn’t want to go on retreat)
  2. - For Benjamin to thrive and enjoy Afric a – to fall in love with it – and to be used by God in ministry
  3. - For sleep, energy, safety, and logistics to all go well.

We are so blessed! Ponder anew what the Almighty can do, if with His love He befriend Thee!!!

Newer Update

We are healthy, happy, and very well taken care of in every way by Uncle Phil and Aunt Suzanne. We walked about 30 minutes to a bilingual church. It was a challenging eperience for Benjamin – from the heat to the fact that he can’t understand the English of Cameroonians – especially over a very poor speaker system. The normal 2 hour service was made longer by a special focus on youth. It was wonderful for Tim to be in Church in Africa. Then this afternoon we also played some soccer with a bunch of missionary kids. Good times

We leave the house before 7 tomorrow morning to meet at school. After getting all ready, we hope to leave on 2 buses by 7:30. I speak once tomorrow evening (see my blog for more info – youthpastortimo@blogspot.com) and then twice on Tuesday and Wednesday. I may lead worship on Thursday morning.

I will likely not be able to email or anything until the retreat is over. I am very thankful for having met more than 10 students already (between hanging out at the sports tournaments at RFIS on Saturday and playing soccer today). I am praying that stuents are open to the message I am bringing from the start.

So many obvious things to pray for... here are the top 3.

  1. 1) For God’s Word to be very clearly proclaimed and to find rich soil to grow in.
  2. 2) For relationships to develop with students and to be able to make an impact that way.
  3. 3) For Benjamin’s and my heart – that God would work in us

I could list so many other things, and I hope you think ofmany other things to pray for.

Pray Big!!! Let’s see what God might do!


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that you took a picture of Benjamin on a soccer field with a palm tree and red dirt in the background... it's so "normal life in Africa". :) --rej


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