Monday, February 04, 2008

Karma, Cheating, Character, and the SuperBowl (and the Vikings)

I've been meaning to write some of this for a while - and after the game last night, I just had to write a bit.

When a person cheats in one area, you can be sure it's not an isolated incident. I've seen this in my life countless times. When I find a way to rationalize sin (or whatever), I find that I do it in other areas too. When Bill Belichick was caught cheating earlier this year, my first reaction was - you never got caught the first time, and if he's cheating this way, he's cheating other ways. That's why a person's private life always affects their public life.

If I believed in Karma, the SuperBowl would be proof. I got way too much joy in seeing the Patriots lose. Certainly they were a great team, but when someone cheats, it sure is nice to see it catch up with them. I think I lost site of grace - but maybe that's another a story for another time.

I talked to quite a few teens this last weekend and asked who they wanted to win the Superbowl. Most wanted the Giants to win. I then asked if they were cheering for the Giants or against the Patriots. Most were cheering against the Patriots. I found that interesting.

By the way, the Minnesota Vikings are undefeated right now and tied for first in the NFL playoff hunt!!

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