Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vikings Thoughts

Three weeks ago the Vikings were 3-6 and everyone was mad at the coach. Now we've won 3 in a row and are in a 3 way tie to be the 2nd wild card team in the NFC. Adrian Peterson is back from injury, T-Jack has played 3 games in a row, our offense has put some points and numbers up through the air... It seems like a dream. While I won't be surprised if we tank, maybe we're turning a corner. We've got great potential - a lot of our players are young. Adrian Peterson is more than phenomenal. His second touchdown run on Sunday against the Lions was crazy - the way he faked the Lions player out of his shoes (he's still looking for them) and then strutted into the end zone. We're good at falling apart, but maybe they will learn how to win and how to avoid falling apart. I'm hopeful. We just need the cards and Lions to lose a game or two. Go Vikes!!!

Chester Taylor is 23rd in rushing and Adrian Peterson is first - that's a crazy stat.

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