Monday, September 10, 2007

Websites I Love and Use

I love to save money and save time. I have found a bunch of websites that are fantastic. I'm sure I won't get all of them listed here, but I'll list some. Don't be a doubter, now. These are good.

Reading the Bible online - many versions - check out
John Piper's Site - Desiring God - so much good stuff here -
Apologetics - Ravi Zacharias -
Our Church Website -

For lots of game ideas - I like the above youth pastor siges, and then this site - but beware - some games are not appropriate - duh -

Hotels, Flights, more... - I have used this sooooo many times - it's great-
Cheapest place for flights and hotel that you don't bid on -
Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire - have their good points - but kayak is always as good and most of the time better - and you end up buying directly from the hotel or airline rather than through the kayak.

Ebay is great (I check stuff out in stores - and then buy it on ebay) - - the name says it all
Pricegrabber searches many sites for what you are looking for -
Newegg has great electronics stuff at good prices -
Tip - especially for technology/electronics - go to a search engine -type in what you are looking for and then the words - deals, bargains, rebates - you'll find great deals -
Don't forget about amazon -
CBD - great Christian books, music, videos, Bibles and more - pretty good prices - way better than bookstores -

Prosportsdaily has the major sports and when you choose your sport and team, it shows you articles from around the internet that it finds.
Video Highlights - has great videos each week - I love it -

Google Alerts - have a daily or weekly email sent to you with all the info google finds on whatever you choose (I do one on Zaire - the DRC).
Blogs have a great wealth of info and stuff you might like - from sports, to God, to whatever you want
RSS feeds can be great (they collect info you want and put it all on one page - google it for more info).
Podcasts - so many amazing people out there - find some you like and get their podcasts daily or weekly
Free sheet music every week - cool video interviews with worship leaders -
Great Sudoku site - and check out the squiggly sudokus - they are the best -

What are some great sites you love to use? (I know I'm missing many, but this is at least a decent start).


Great Weekend!!!

This is of no great value - no spiritual depth. I just have to share my simple joy. I love football. I don't spend nearly as much time watching it as I would like to, but I get my time in (I don't have cable so I miss out on lots of good stuff - and I don't do fantasy football - but I do love what I have time for).

This weekend, nearly every team I like won (and the major one I dislike, lost). It started on Thursday with the Colts decimating the Saints (Colts are my AFC team - actually - Peyton Manning is my AFC guy). Then on Friday, our very own Eagle Grove Eagles schooled Webster City. On Saturday, the Hawkeyes won and the UNI Panthers beat up on the Cyclones (I do cheer for them, except when they play the Hawks and the Panthers). On Sunday, my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings smoked the Falcons 24-3. The icing on the cake was the Chicago Bears losing. Such little things bring such great joy.

May I truly delight only in God!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

More cuteness from my kids

All my kids have their amazing cute moments. Jonathan is just the smiliest guy you will ever meet (he loves to wave and say Hi to everyone in stores). Benjamin, my oldest, is always amazing me.

Elise is almost 3 and is full of passion and has to talk like crazy (Lori's parent say Lori was that way - true story). She is always saying cute things. I recently blogged about how she thinks uncle Dan is amazing. The story continues.

After visiting the Omaha zoo over the weekend we were getting ready for bed. We had sung a few songs and were getting ready to pray. We were talking about the zoo and asked her what her favorite animals were that she saw. She said monkey and lion. Then mom asked her who made them. She said, "Uncle Dan." We said noooo - and so she said, "Aunt Elizabeth." It's bad theology, but it was so cute.

I love being a dad, usually (I'm on my second pair of shorts today - Jonathan's diaper was so nasty this morning that even with 2 of us working on him, I still got poop on my shorts).

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