Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings, without doubt, have the best backup running back in the NFL. Adrian Peterson set records on Sunday against the Bears. What a stud. If you haven't checked it out, you gotta do it (click here - then click on "Week 6: Adrian Peterson highlights - you'll have to scroll a bit to find it). He's amazing - and a rookie. I must give props to the O-line - they played like studs. I'm still in awe of Adrian. If he doesn't get hurt, watch out NFL.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blitz - Junior High Lock In

Our junior high students are going to Blitz this Friday night - all night long. It's Valley E. Free Church's annual Junior High Lock-in - for anyone in the state, I guess. It costs $35 and includes lots of insanity - ice skating, swimming, a band, games, pizza, bowling, chaos, and a guaranteed head ache. I guess for much of the night we'll be bussed around the city to different places for these activities. It's definitely evangelistic.

Sounds like fun to me. I dread the next two days - I'm always pooped after a lock-in. At least I'm not in charge.

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Gospel of John and Youth Group

We've been working on the Gospel of John in youth group. A key idea - to know Jesus is to know God. As we've been studying Jesus, I've been astounded by his responses to nearly every question. He masterfully guides conversation and "dodges" giving the expected answer better than a politician.

9The Samaritan woman said to him, "You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?"
Jesus should have said - cause I love all people - race isn't an issue - I came to save all the lost. But he instead says - you should have asked me for a drink - if you knew who I was.

Then she says - ? 12Are you greater than our father Jacob,
He should have said - yes - I am the Messiah. But he talks about the water he gives that springs up to eternal life.

This goes on and on. Over and over. Jesus is intentional. Jesus shows sin to seekers without them being upset (though he's tougher on religious leaders who are self-righteous). It's not just John 4. It's nearly every encounter. I've been challenged to be more intentional in my conversations.

I should mention - the Gospels are just about the hardest part of the Bible for me to understand. I struggle with grasping the proper hermeneutic. I'm pretty picky - and I almost think Revelation is easier to study.

If you have any brilliant thoughts on a hermeneutic for the Gospels, hit me with them.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Olson Update - October 10

Jonathan - He is walking! He loves his dad - and cries every time his dad leaves - and often when his dad leaves the room. He is one smiley boy.

Elise - she is adorable. She starts most days off at around 6 cuddling in bed with mom (and dad). She loves to help. She laughs a lot. She admires her big brother and tries to take care of her little brother.

Benjamin - is playing soccer. He has scored two goals, but mostly plays defense. He is reading at a 3rd grade, 5th month level. He is playing worship songs on the piano (chording - one of his favorite songs has an F#m, Bm, and an E7sus). He enjoys kindergarten and it seems God is giving him a heart for his friends. He should finish his first time through his AWANA sparks book in 2 weeks.

Lori - just got back from a "Hearts At Home" conference. She loved it. She is busy trying to take care of the family. She's helping out with youth group - so she has even less time at home.

Tim - is still busy with the same stuff. Nothing too exciting. He's enjoying working through John with his high school students. It's exciting to see the different students that are coming.

Upcoming Stuff - Tim and Lori are going to Rebound at the end of October - EFC National Youth Pastor conference in Daytona Beach, Florida. Yes, it sounds heavenly. We have some birthdays right around the corner.

So much more is going on. Come over some time and lets catch up on life.

The pic is from family vacation this past summer.

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