Thursday, May 01, 2008

I was wrong... Ephesians 4 Outline

I was wrong in my Ephesians 4 outline. PJ (Pastor John) hooked me up with some Greek help. The following is the basic (it is not going to tab it over as it should - so you'll have to figure that out yourself). The NIV flow of thought and the NAS fooled me a bit. Hopefully this makes some sense. Again, I haven't totally figured out the wording correctly. Of course, now I have to understand the passage, get a preaching outline, and write the sermon. Hope my wife loves me as I ignore her a bit and work on it.

I. Walk in a Manner worthy of your calling

A. Humility and Gentleness

B. Patience (forbearing.. love)

II. Results in an eagerness to Maintain the Unity of Spirit

A. Unity explained more

1. One Spirit

2. One Lord

3. One Father

B. The Spirit gave many gifts which lead to unity

1. Spiritual gifts are given by Jesus and because of grace

2. Jesus has earned the right to give the gifts

3. Spiritual Gifts are given to prepare believers for works of service

4. Spirit gave variety (not just one) of gifts

5. Gifts are for equipping the saints

C. Results of being unified by using the gifts of the Spirit

1. No longer children

2. We will grow up in Christ

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At 11:04 PM, OpenID shanevanderhart said...

Something screwy going on with your html in this post Tim. Just thought you should know.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Tim said...

I know about the HTML problem - but didn't have time to truly fix it.


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