Monday, April 28, 2008

Ephesians 4 - more thoughts...

Every commentator will tell you that chatpers 1-3 are theology and chapters 4-6 are the practical side of that. In chapters 4-6, the word "walk" keeps occuring - marking off sections, I believe. 4:1; 4:17; 5:1; 5:8; 5:15; Then note that in chapter 6:10-11 - we have the word "Finally" - and then the word "stand firm" - which definitely is another physical body word.

I say all that because I think it points to 4:1-16 being it's own section - and if it is, I think the one command - "To walk in a manner worthy of our calling" is the main idea. I guess I'm saying I like my outline more and more. I'm so frustrated because I can't find an outline like mine - but I don't think I'm crazy. I'm either on to something or on something.


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