Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SYATP Devotional

I pray you’re all thinking (and even praying) about See You At The Pole (SYATP). I’m giving a link to a devotional by Cadre Ministries on this great day. It’s worth your time (it’s in the format of the devil sending an email to his demons). I’m going to paste a bit of it in, but you’ll have to go to the work of checking it out yourself.

TO: The Demons of Hell who are assigned to Christian students

FROM: Ichabod Ebenezer Beelzebub, Demonic General of Sector 666

RE: We Hope We Don't "See You at the Pole"!

My demons of deception, another school year is upon us! In years past, we were often able to undo any work the Enemy did in Christian students over the summer simply by returning them to school—where we could, through certain teachers and students, slowly put out their Holy Spirit fire! Thus, we used to look forward to the start of another school year! Where else could you see a Christian student who left a camp determined to become a missionary or a youth pastor chicken out totally to the point where NO ONE IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL knew he/she was a Christian! HA! The beginning of school used to mean that those students who made promises to God to leave the partying life got back into the same partying activities they promised to leave! I LOVE IT! The same Christian students who, over the summer promised to save sexual activity for marriage, were once again tempted—and often lured into the very same sins they renounced a month or two earlier! The Christian students who diligently read their Bibles and walked with God—would, once school started, get so busy with school that they would forget all about spending time with God! YES! That was what the beginning of school used to mean to us. However, that has all changed now!

New School Year = New Trouble… FOR US!
One reason I am dreading this school year—mostly for you—is because the Christian students you are in charge of intimidating, frustrating, discouraging, and deceiving are starting to march into our schools like soldiers of Jesus Christ (I hate to even say his name!). These students used to fear taking a public stand for their faith in… you know who. NOT NOW! They not only live the Christian life, they actually TELL other students we own about how they can become Christians too! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Even worse some of these radicals openly identify with our enemy on their school campuses by starting on-campus Bible studies, challenging our teachers of evolution, and carrying their Bibles!

The Problem: See You at the Pole, September 27, 2006!


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