Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Matt P Rocks!!!

I have often said that God has blessed me with the greatest group of amazing friends. I can't imagine anyone having a more amazing group of godly / studly friends. Matt P is one of them. He is a youth pastor in our District and is stinkin' amazing. He isn't perfect yet, but maybe he'll get there next year. He has a great blog that I failed to list in my list of links (and I've been too lazy to fix that). So let me say that he is a huge blessing to me. I got to know him through working together on our Rosebud trip. I love his wife too. What a blessing they are.

Let me mention too, that he is way smarter than me - he's on a different chart of intelligence.

Thanks God, for Matt.

What friends are you super-thankful for?


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Matt Proctor said...

My friend,

Your kind words are always a huge blessing to me.

thank you,


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